Bases are part of player's planetary network and make the pillars of defense and travel along with homeworld. The planetary network is currently a work in progress, but bases can already be created. Their creation is recommended, because the bases are possible locations for your coalition's fund.

Base creation

You can create a base by clicking the "convert to base" button in your planet's detail if you meet these requirements:

  1. Each conversion costs 10M Lt
  2. To be albe to create a new base, no more than 20% of your planets can already be bases.
  3. You have to own at least 10 planets.
  4. Only common planets can be converted, meaning HW, trade planets, anomalies etc. can not be converted.
  5. The planet you want to convert must not be in an auction or demand.
  6. Planet's diameter must be at least 14 000 km.
  7. New base must be within 12 hours travel radius of another base or HW (without navigator bonus).
  8. You can create one base every 3 days.


  1. Base can't be sold through auction or demand.
  2. A base can be attacked, but it will lose the base status if conquered.
  3. The planet will also lose the status if the owners change (abandoning, re-settling).
  4. Galactic bridge can not be built on a base. Already existing GBs are not demolished.
  5. The planet can not be transported through Gb even if the facility is already built.

Base functions

Bases have certain perks the common planets lack:

  1. Coalition's fund can be placed near HW or base of any coalition's member.