Control panel of obelisk

The Galaxy is full of different artifacts and mysteries. Because of the fact that it had been occupied by the ancestors and probably by other races, there is no shortage of surprises. The obelisk of the ancestors, which has been found this age, has some kind of interesting information encoded inside of it. It’s estimated that the information inside of the obelisk are the construction plans of a new fighting unit prolongos. However, the control panel for the obelisk is heavily damaged and the galaxy was thrown into gold-rush with objective of finding pieces of the control panel for his reconstruction and restoration of its functions. The Guardians promised to the first two political parties that if they will succeed in this mission, they will have the opportunity to use these plans for one age.


  1. This mission is determined for foundations and empires. For getting points, it is important how long the member was in the foundation or empire, and it is counted from the time when the mission was started. In case of empires, the mission is assigned to the highest emperor.
  2. The mission will be started on 21 June, and since that day, it will be possible to find pieces of the control panel. The mission ends simultaneously with the age.
  3. The objective is to complete the control panel (easy puzzle) from found pieces (multicolored triangles). For the operation of the control panel, it is important to put same colored triangles to each other - side of the triangle can touch only if the colors in the contact zone are same.
    Picture demonstrates the incorrect composition of the control panel of the obelisk. Dysfunctional links are marked with crosses.
    Ovládací panel obelisku
  4. There is a few of color sets, from which it will be possible to put together more than one control panel, so each political group choose, which set will create. It doesn’t have to be announced openly, the policy will just use the pieces which they need.
    You can see a list of possible parts at the picture - crystals of the control panel.
    Seznam dílů obelisku
  5. For working on obelisk and after start of the mission, there will be new menu item called “Obelisk”.
  6. Each time the political group completes the control panel, it will send its data for check whether it works or not by prepared button. If the obelisk will be found working properly, this political group will join the winning list. Otherwise the political group will lose 200 of its maximum points for distribution and it will be possible to try it again after 24 hours.
  7. Individual pieces can be gained by different ways, and each way gives one piece. If somebody focuses only on one way of getting the piece, so he won’t be able to complete the control panel.
  8. Ways of getting pieces - you never have 100% chance of getting the piece
    • The hero scout with 30 000 experience and more is able to find some pieces. Better scout has better chance to find them.
    • When you settle a new planet (except a meteoroid), there is a chance of getting piece. The chance is higher, when the ruler has lesser number of planets.
    • There is high chance of getting piece when you populate a planet which was originally one of Lord of meteoroid’s planets.
    • The piece can be found when you conquer the planet, because it is re-searched again.
  9. All pieces that the player gets are passed to his political group immediately. If the player is not a member of the foundation or the empire, then he can’t find any piece.

Awarding points and Rewards

  1. First foundation or empire, which will complete the control panel of the obelisk, gains 5000 points for distribution. Every other foundation or empire gains a thousand points less, so there will be only 5 winners.
  2. Příklad: Nadace N je druhá v pořadí a tak má k rozdělení 4000 bodů. Od počátku věku se v ní vystřídali tito vládci po tuto dobu: A - 50 dní, B - 40 dní, C - 40 dní, D - 20 dní, E - 11 dní, F - 10 dní, G - 7 dní. Vládce G nesplnil limit 10 dní, takže se nepočítá. Ostatní si dělí body v poměru 50 ÷ 40 ÷ 40 ÷ 20 ÷ 11 ÷10, což vychází na body  1170, 936, 936, 467, 257 a 234. Nyní se použije pravidlo, že to nesmí být víc jak 1/10 ze všech bodů k rozdělení, takže v tomto příkladu je to 1/10 ze 4000, což je 400. Konečné body pro vládce budou tedy: A - 400, B - 400, C - 400, D - 400, E - 257, F - 234, G - 0.Points in each political group will be split in a rate of time, which each ruler has been in a group, and the maximum points for each player is 1/10 of total points for distribution. Also, the ruler can gain points only if he was in a group for more than 10 days.
        Example: Foundation F is second in a winning list, so they get 4000 points for distribution. Since the start of age, there was these players for these times: A - 50 days, B - 40 days, C - 40 days, D - 20 days, E - 11 days, F - 10 days, G - 7 days. Player G didn’t meet the requirement of 10 days in a group, so he does not count. Other split points in a rate 50 ÷ 40 ÷ 40 ÷ 20 ÷ 11 ÷ 10, which makes it 1170, 936, 936, 467, 257, 234. Now the rule about 1/10 of all points will come to the scene, and it is 4000/10 which makes 400. Final points for players are A - 400, B - 400, C - 400, D - 400, E - 257, F - 234, G - 0.
  3. Each member of the first two political groups, who gets 1 point and more, gains the opportunity of building hyperion with the option of arming quentins and prolongoses 1 there.
  4. All members of first 5 winning political groups, who gets at least 1 point, gain the student at the start of the next age.
  • 1. Statistics of prolongos will be specified during the age