City of the nekrons which looks like a city of pyramids. Supply chutes run all around the city. Sometimes there are fights between the necrons with solid body and nekropolers, hence most of the cities are split into two zones divided by safety zone where violent behavior is not tolerated. Nekrons are otherwise a calm and well organized race.

Staví rasaNekroni
Cena26 Lt
Zastaví pevninu55 000 km2
Zaměstnanců200 osob
Ubytování pro20 000 osob
Potřeba energie2 GW

PTO Mole

Terran planetary tactical defense.

Krakaton power plant

Powerplant of the Guardians.


Whos' barracks. Big complex where surface units are trained and warships are built on antigravity platforms.


A place where small whos' industrial products are made.

Temple of the warriors

Krcha's evolved in very harsh and hostile environment, where they had to fight for their lives every day. They are thus natural warriors, strong and determined. This led to the idea of building the temple dedicated to both new and old battle techniques, where both apprentices and masters gather for training.


These barracks are built from plans of the ancestors, It is used for creating Quentins, Intoxicators a Mimikras. Only winners of the quest of the age are allowed to build this building as a reward.


Special automated bunkers with their own power source where Krchas can take shelter during plunder or WMD attack.

Main dock

Main dock

Terran sea barracks.

SG Factory

This building allows production of stargates on the planet.