Planet degradation

Power ships drain power from the planet's surface, slowly drying it up. After some time, the planet will change to another, more dry type. This process can be slowed down by researching power ship efficiency and subsequently upgrading the degradation reduction. To reverse this effect, you can terramorph the planet.

This tale displays Stratos efficiency, type the planet will degrade to and terramorphing options. If an entry is missing, the planet type can not degrade or be terramorphed.

Energetická a morphovací tabulka planet
Typenergiedegraduje namožný morphing na
Džungle100 %MírnáVlhká, Mírná, Vodní
Hornatá10 % Skalnatá, Pouštní
Mírná60 %SkalnatáDžungle, Vodní, Skalnatá
Pouštní20 %HornatáSkalnatá, Hornatá
Skalnatá50 %PouštníMírná, Pouštní, Hornatá
Vlhká100 %DžungleDžungle, Vodní, Mírná
Vodní70 %MírnáVlhká, Džungle, Mírná
Rudá20 %  
Umělá1 %  
Meteoroid0 %  

Power ship efficiency and degradation reduction

Power ship efficiency

This research replaces the reactor of the Stratos power ship with more efficient model. While the power output remains the same, the power ship becomes more environment friendly, slowing the process of drying up the planet. This research only allows for the upgrade below to work. Having only this research does not yet slow the degradation.

Degradation reduction

If the power ship efficiency is researched, the Stratos power ships will drain the planet's humidity more slowly, slowing down the degradation.