Ruler's info

Allow the direct display of the player's history from the application before adopting him into the policy.

Filter of hero's reports

Add to the reports of heroes a filter, which selects only reports of the selected hero, so that it will be significantly easier to search important pieces of information.

Iris on stargate

Whos - a new research: A possibility to close your SG and protect your planets against attack via the SG. Who knows the code, he can pass. The owner of the SG with Iris would choose his own code and could provide the code to his allies. Who will send troops with the wrong code, he will lost them (they would be flattened like a pancake). The code can be found out by a good skilled scout (it will be more interesting :-).

Renaming the planets

Allow to rename the planets for a fee (charged in Lt).

Teach crimp to count

To the report by crimp about crimped units add extra information about the overall strength of units crimped.

Division on the way

Enable division of army or raw materials in the menu "on the way", so that you can divert just a part of the transported cargo.

Features for 35th and 36th age

For the following ages, beginning with 35th in the farm reality and 36th in the war reality (June 2010), there were some changes in the rules and settings.

Features for 34th and 35th age

For the following ages, beginning with 34th age in the farm reality and 35th in war reality (May 2010), there were some changes in rules and settings. Almost all features on the list were implemented, only few details remain unresolved. It is the possibility to cancel already approved request for AM exception and sending goods or units to planet's orbit. Everything else is working.

For the 34th age in the farm reality, changing politics was disabled.

Upgrade of WMD

Upgrade of WMD, which makes the damage caused by WMD more permanent, depending on the type of WMD. The consequences of the permament damage will be gradually reduced:
a) impotence of the population
b) impossibility of extraction
c) power plants out of order
d) etc.

Faster execution

Shortening the waiting time for execution from three days to one.