Playing as AI

Remove impossibility of playing as AI for newcomers, who are in the game less than 30 days - display only warning just like it have Nekrons.

Features and news in the game

If we want to make the game up to date and also to be able to adapt some of the requirements of players, then it is necessary to carry out the features in the game. This usually entails features of rules, tutorials and also need to update our help.


There's going to be an option to upload some ruler's image called avatar for everyone.

Avatar's ressolution is going to be 32×48 px and it would only be in jpeg, pnp or gif (without animation).

For the system of avatars shall be some system of authorizing because of porn pictures or other inappropriate characters. Furthermore, in settings there is going to be a choice if rulers want to display avatars or not.

For a ruler without avatar would be automatically used avatar of his race.

Active features

List of features that are being implemented or will be implemented in short time. There is an open discussion, where every ruler can state his opinion, but it might not be possible to include all ideas (suggestions) in time.

Implemented features

List of implemented features in the rules of the game, but also features in the settings, control, ...