List of possible quests

All ages in the game have some quests for the rulers, in which it is possible to get points for awarding points of the ages and there are some advantages for next age, such as opportunity to arm the special units of ancestors.

Each age are pointed predefined tables of the sequence according to various criteria and most of ages has some special quests, which are different for each age.

Control panel of obelisk

The Galaxy is full of different artifacts and mysteries. Because of the fact that it had been occupied by the ancestors and probably by other races, there is no shortage of surprises. The obelisk of the ancestors, which has been found this age, has some kind of interesting information encoded inside of it. It’s estimated that the information inside of the obelisk are the construction plans of a new fighting unit prolongos. However, the control panel for the obelisk is heavily damaged and the galaxy was thrown into gold-rush with objective of finding pieces of the control panel for his reconstruction and restoration of its functions. The Guardians promised to the first two political parties that if they will succeed in this mission, they will have the opportunity to use these plans for one age.