Power ship efficiency and degradation reduction

Power ship efficiency

This research replaces the reactor of the Stratos power ship with more efficient model. While the power output remains the same, the power ship becomes more environment friendly, slowing the process of drying up the planet. This research only allows for the upgrade below to work. Having only this research does not yet slow the degradation.

Degradation reduction

If the power ship efficiency is researched, the Stratos power ships will drain the planet's humidity more slowly, slowing down the degradation.

PTO Mole

Terran planetary tactical defense.


Cheap imitations of actual unite - mock-ups. These mock-ups are equipped only with a protective armor, propulsion unit for movement and the transformation technology for shape shifting.


Program designed to teach krcha's martial arts. Small golden disc is inserted into commlink and the program interacts through it's telepathic amplifier.

Temple of the warriors

Krcha's evolved in very harsh and hostile environment, where they had to fight for their lives every day. They are thus natural warriors, strong and determined. This led to the idea of building the temple dedicated to both new and old battle techniques, where both apprentices and masters gather for training.



It's production is a specialty of the Whos. Used to moving people and lighter combat units between the two gates, the gate must be built on the source and target planet.


Special automated bunkers with their own power source where Krchas can take shelter during plunder or WMD attack.



Perfect device, which creates various gas mixtures, evoking different moods by the Whos. Krchas also use this device with delight for purgative baths between their rituals or the battle of honor.

SG Factory

This building allows production of stargates on the planet.

Hacking module

AI aren't capable of researching on their own, but if they invent this module, they will be able to hack into computer network of all rulers and download information, which can be used later (gaining their own RPs).