Plutonium is necessary for manufacturing the teleports and krakaton, it is also assential for terran's reactors and is used in terran's armed forces. Plutonium is mined in plutonium mines, devastators, devastatols and collectors.

Please don't confuse plutonium as an element with chemical symbol Pu and plutonium in F&E with abbreviation Pl. Plutonium (Pl) isn't an element, but it's noble mixture for high-powered reactors.
Between Pu and Pl is the difference just like between iron and steel!


Raw naquadah

Naquadah is necessary for manufacturing the stargates and krakaton, it is also essential for reactors, which use whos. Whos also use it in their armed forces. Naquadah is mined in the naquadah quarries, devastators, devastatols and collectors.


Krakaton isn't extracted, but it can be produced in the krakaton refinery. Krakaton is one of the most important sources in the Galaxy because of its possibility of wide aplication. The most commonly is used to power spacecrafts and Whos can produce universal currency latinium. Commonly used abbreviation for krakaton is Kt. Exception in the mining of krakaton are AI, whose collector can synthesize it from a stardust.


Fuzol is necessary for manufacturing krakaton and latinium, it is essential for krcha's fusion reactors and they use it in their armed forces. It is mined in fuzol fields, devastators, devastatols and collectors.