surface units


Small cloud of gas which is carrying the consciousness of the progenitor in a form of krakaron radiation. This new being is surprisingly capable of manipulating it'S surroundings, moving items, create electric discharges and temporarily even make it's body "invisible". Even though Nekropolers were originally only an evolution of their kind, they become the backbone of Nekron's surface army.

Základní síla6
Výrobní náklady1 Lt,
Posádka1 osob
MobilitaJednotku lze přemístit TP i HB


Cheap imitations of actual unite - mock-ups. These mock-ups are equipped only with a protective armor, propulsion unit for movement and the transformation technology for shape shifting.


Very effective infantry unit. Patrols are equipped with energy armor, which enhances their natural abilities and attributes. Furthermore, it has integrated it's own small structural integrity, so be careful not to touch them. Because of the pacifistic nature of the Guardians, patrols are equipped only with stunners.



AI's infanty. Erebus is a tank walking on three legs, armed with two counter-infantry lasers and anti-tank missiles.


This model was originally designed as a troop transport, both in the battlefield and trough transport devices, But it's quality on the battlefield was so good that crusher was refitted and given additional armor.


Infantry equipped with protective suits made out of special polymers, which protects them against energy, heat and shockwaves. Their main armament is a special "lance", equipped with taser and small proton emitter on it's tip.