Factor implemented to prevent players from using buildings of other races.

If you conquer a hostile planet, the enemy will do everything to prevent you from acquiring his technologies and enslaving his inhabitants. Right before the war ends, local militia will destroy all buildings and the inhabitants will resist the invader even if that means heavy losses.

From 7th age it is no longer possible to transfer technologies between races this way, limiting the races to their own buildings, products and units.


PTD of the Whos. Small satellites equipped with high accuracy ion beams stationed on the orbit around the planet, capable of neutralizing incoming WMD on it's final approach. When the Zap receive a signal from long range scanners, they'll try to destroy the WMD by direct fire. The effectivity is almost 100%, but because of the time left to neutralize the threat is only about three seconds, some weapons might get through.

Základní síla350 000
Výrobní náklady100 Lt, 5 Nq,
VýzkumTuto jednotku je potřeba vyzkoumat
MobilitaPouze po vlastní ose


Low profile cruiser constructed to exploit a critical weakness in other ships' design - usage of huge weapons and small targeting speed. Krcha's cruisers are made for fast, short range strikes, when most of the enemy weapons can't target them. The target profile of the cruiser is small and the frontal armor is ultra thick to improve the survivability on the approach maneuver. The engines are made for acceleration, even though their inductors can overheat.

Cloaked erebus

Unconventional WMD. AI developed cloaking devices for their walking tanks, making them invisible to the enemy. This cannot be used in conventional warfare as the dropships cannot use this technology, but the unit can be transported in small cloaked capsules even to an inhabited planet, where they assume strategic positions and destroy all barracks. This is possible because of the element of surprise, but the erebus are quickly dispatched by local security. This led the AI to deploy this unit in a spirit of the other races' WMD.

Zakopání Erebů
Základní síla900 000
Výrobní náklady120 000 Lt, 1 Kt, 10 BC
Spotřeba energie20 GW
VýzkumTuto jednotku je potřeba vyzkoumat
MobilitaPouze po vlastní ose


Cruiser with part of the armaments replaced with hangars and long range torpedoes. This allows exterminators to pose a significant threat while keeping their distance from the battle. However, this also means that the exterminators have to be rearmed after each battle, making them have to stay closer then their captains would like.

Základní síla24 838
Výrobní náklady100 Lt, 50 Fz, 1 Kt,
Posádka2 000 osob
VýzkumTuto jednotku je potřeba vyzkoumat
MobilitaPouze po vlastní ose

Orbital fighter

Like other terran units, this small ship is much more dangerous than it might seem. Enemies often underestimate their power which leads to their quick demise. As any weapon based on protons, the cannons of this vessel are like a scalpel for the enemy ship's systems.

Základní síla17
Výrobní náklady20 Lt, 1 Pl,
Posádka3 osob
MobilitaJednotku lze přemístit HB

ODI - Orbital Defense Installation

Fully automated orbital defense platform. Once set up on orbit, it will guard the planet without a break. Due to it's long firing range and the capability to provide targeting solutions faster than warships it is exceptional in destroying cruisers and destroyers, but it is next to powerless against small orbital fighters.

OOS - obranná st.
Základní síla100 000
Výrobní náklady2 500 Lt, 3 000 Pl, 70 Kt,
Posádka1 000 osob
VýzkumTuto jednotku je potřeba vyzkoumat
MobilitaPouze po vlastní ose


Small cloud of gas which is carrying the consciousness of the progenitor in a form of krakaron radiation. This new being is surprisingly capable of manipulating it'S surroundings, moving items, create electric discharges and temporarily even make it's body "invisible". Even though Nekropolers were originally only an evolution of their kind, they become the backbone of Nekron's surface army.

Základní síla6
Výrobní náklady1 Lt,
Posádka1 osob
MobilitaJednotku lze přemístit TP i HB



At present, probably the most terrifying battle monster what was ever known. Massive shields protect the ship from damage, weapons are able to destroy a little moon with one blow... what to say, the dream of every little boy.



Long-range mines, which can be used only once: basis is formed by AI with fuzol matrix, applicable only for one battle.