Power ship efficiency and degradation reduction

Power ship efficiency

This research replaces the reactor of the Stratos power ship with more efficient model. While the power output remains the same, the power ship becomes more environment friendly, slowing the process of drying up the planet. This research only allows for the upgrade below to work. Having only this research does not yet slow the degradation.

Degradation reduction

If the power ship efficiency is researched, the Stratos power ships will drain the planet's humidity more slowly, slowing down the degradation.

Improved ODI efficiency

After the Farmer's convention of the 14th age, terran scientists were assigned the task of improving the ODI, in which they succeeded. The command centers were refitted with super fast computers capable of faster processing of targeting data, allowing the installation to hit the target over longer distance and with greater accuracy. This improves efficiency against heavy units that move slowly, such as cruisers and destroyers. The installations also received additional armor, making them more resilient against the small weapons of space units.